Monday, January 14, 2019

Create KPI for DropShip Quantity Sold

1. Navigate to Reports> New Search> select Transactions> click Create Saved Search button

2. Rename Search Title

3. Mark the following:

a. Public check box 

b. Show in Menu check box 

c. Available as Dashboard View check box

4. On the Criteria tab> Standard sub tab > add the following fields:
>> *Filter | * Description
>> Type | is any of Sales Order
>> Item Fields... select Drop Ship Item then set it to YES

5. On the Results tab | Columns sub tab  > 
: add the following fields:
>> *Field
>> Date
>> Type
>> Number
>> Name
>> Account
>> Amount
>> Item
>> Quantity -- Summary Type Column = Sum

6. Available Filters tab
>> Filter = Date then mark Show in Footer

7. Save and Run

8. Go to Home Dashboard

9. Click Personalize Dashboard link> Add Content select> Key Performance Indicators

10. On the Key Performance Indicators > Setup > click Add Custom KPIs button> select the Saved Search created from above> select a Range and Compare Range > Save


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