Monday, January 14, 2019

CSV Import update of assembly item results to an error: An unexpected error has occurred

  • Update Assembly Item record via CSV Import
  • Setup > Import/Export > View CSV Import Status > Message : 0 of 1 records imported successfully
  • CSV Response: An unexpected error has occurred.

Error: This item type (Assembly, subtype=) is missing a required unit parameter

Note: Assembly may be replaced by InvtPart

To resolve:

1.Check Assembly records and its component records if the following fields have values:

  • Unit Type
  • Stock Units
  • Purchase Units
  • Sales Unites

2.Enter values on these fields

3.If the fields above have values and user is still experiencing the error, Edit then Save the assembly record and its components (without making any changes)

4.Navigate back to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records and try to import the changes

Import should now be successful

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