Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Display Related Transactions using Sublist on a Custom Record Type Based using a Transaction Coulmn Field

To create a Custom Sub List for transactions that will appear on the custom record type, please follow these steps:


1. Create a Custom Record Type :

a. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & FieldsRecord Types > New.

b. Select Include Name Field , Show ID and other options as needed.

c. Create the require Fields by using New Field button under Fields tab.

d. Create a New Subtab to place the saved search under the Subtabs tab.

e. Select the Transaction Saved Search created below , Put in the Label name, Tab : Select the one created above

f. Click Save.


2. Create a Custom Transaction Column Field:

a. Enter the Label Name.

b. Type: List/Record, List/Record: Select the Custom Record Type above.

c. Applies To: Purchase Item, Sale Item (Select as needed).

d. Click Save.


3. Create a Transaction saved search:

a. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

b. Search Type=Transaction.

c. Enter Search Title.

d. Check the box for Public ( could select other options as needed).

e. On the Criteria sub tab, add the filter:

Main Line = False (Note : if Main Line = True no results appear as the filter is on an Item Level basis).

f. On the Results sub-tab, add preferred fields that will appear on the sub list.

g. On the Available Filters sub tab, add the Custom Transaction Column Field, Show in Footer = Yes.

h. Click Save & Run.


4. To check if the saved search is showing results:

a. Create a Custom Record > Enter the required Information > Save

b. Create a Transaction Record for e.g. Invoice, Sales Order

c. On the item level for the Custom Transaction Column Field : Select the Custom Record created above

d. Save

e. Go to Custom Record > Under the Subtab Created > Saved Search all the related transactions specific to the Custom Record




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