Saturday, January 19, 2019

Email Templates will Display the Word "ndefined" or any Text at the Top of the Template when used in a one-off Mail Merge.


Customer created an Email template with an attached HTML file. The said HTML file was saved properly in NetSuite File Cabinet with "Available without Login" = checked.


For example, he will pull a Customer record then click "Email". He will be directed to the "Email message" window. On the Message tab > Template field, he will use the Email template.


Before clicking "Merge and send", he saw the word "ndefined" at the top of the template.

When clicking "Formatted text", he saw the word "ndefined". He deleted it > clicked "HTML source code" > click Merge and Send.


Customer said that clicking formatted text and deleting "ndefined" is just a workaround because it's an extra step for the users just to delete it whenever sending an email using the said template. He wants a way how to remove the "ndefined" permanently.


1. View the HTML file in Documents > Files > File Cabinet  >Templates > Email templates > Download the HTML file.

2. On the HTML file, click View > Source.

3. Examine the Source codes > locate the "div" tags. All "div" should come in pairs/balanced.

4. Try to find "div" that are not balanced. Example:

<div style="width: 100%; height: 100%; padding: 0; margin: 0;">



* One </div> is hanging. It's the one that caused the unbalanced lines/tags.

5. Two ways to resolve:

   5.1. Remove the second </div>.

   5.2. Remove the 3 lines enumerated above (The tags above has no use since floating div tags don't work in several email clients. You may try deleting the said lines but double check first if it created an effect/ impact to other portions of the template).

6. Save the edited HTML file > Upload in File cabinet > Available without login = True.

7. Use/ Attach the revised uploaded HTML file in the Email template.

Actual Result: The word "ndefined" or any text caused by unbalanced tags will no longer appear anywhere in the template.


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