Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fixed Assets: Acquisition History record not automatically generated

-When an asset has been generated from Proposal or Creation Process (Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Proposal or Asset Creation), the Acquisition History record under Depreciation History tab will be automatically generated.

-This can be verified by checking if the Parent Transaction field under the General tab of the Asset record shows a transaction link and is not blank.

-When an asset has been either manually created (
Fixed Assets > Lists > Assets > New) or imported (Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records), the Purchase Date field should be populated because this will be the basis of the system creating an acquisition history.

-Starting FAM Version 2017.2, acquisition history record is automatically created if you defined a Purchase Date in the asset record, hence there is no need to separately import acquisition history records.

-If the Purchase Date field is null, system will look into the value set on the Depreciation Start Date field for the acquisition date.

-If an asset do not have either Purchase Date or Depreciation start date, no acquisition history will be created for assets created manually or via CSV import.


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