Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Group Deferred Revenue by Customer report by Deferred Revenue Account


·        Navigate to Reports > Revenue > Deferred Revenue by Customer

·        Request for the ability to see a Subtotalof each Deferred Revenue account andfurther group the report by Customersand have a matching balance against the BalanceSheet Report



·        The Deferred Revenue by Customerreport shows Deferred Revenueamounts, grouped by customer

·        This report can be used for RevenueRecognition reconciliation, as its balances tie directly to General Ledger account balances


·        To be able to break down the DeferredRevenue by Customer Report by DeferredRevenue account:

1.    Navigate to Reports > Revenue> Deferred Revenue by Customer> Customize

2.    Edit Columns tab:

·        Click Name under Transaction Dimension folder > Account (Line) sub folder

·        Move the newly added field to the left and set it as the first column

·        Mark the check box Group = True

3.    Assign a report name

4.    Hit Preview or Save

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