Thursday, January 31, 2019

How to display the actual quantity in unit of measure used in the transaction when creating a saved search

If the item in a transaction (e.g. Sales Order) is expressed in another unit of measure, other than the base unit), upon creation of the transaction saved search, the quantity column would still be displayed in base units. The ability to display the quantity column in actual unit of measure used in the transaction is still an enhancement (160480 - Item Record > History > Transactions > For the system to show the units used and not the base units).

Quantity in Transaction Units is already available in the saved search, and it displays the quantities in sales units on a saved search.

To get the other quantities to use sales units as well, use these formulas:

Quantity Billed: {quantitybilled}/({quantity}/{quantityuom})
Quantity Fulfilled: {quantityshiprecv}/({quantity}/{quantityuom})
Quantity Packed: {quantitypacked}/({quantity}/{quantityuom})
Quantity Picked: {quantitypicked}/({quantity}/{quantityuom})


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