Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Item Fulfillment > Print Packing Slip > Need to Print the Vendor Name Associated to the Item

User needs to print the Packing Slip from an Item Fulfillment and need to have the Vendor Name associated to the Items in the Item Fulfillment.

By default, Vendor Name is not a standard column available in the Item Fulfillment to print in the Packing Slip.

To print the Vendor Name of the Item in the Packing Slip, create a custom column field to source the Vendor Name.

Steps to resolve the issue:
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & FieldsTransaction Line Fields > New.
2. Enter LABEL for the custom field (i.e. Vendor Name_Item Fulfillment).
3.TYPE = Free-Form Text.
5. Under Applies To, check the box for ITEM FULFILLMENT and PRINT ON PACKING SLIP.
6. Under Sourcing & Filtering, set the SOURCE LIST = Item | SOURCE FROM = Vendor Name.
7. Click Save.

If after creating the Custom Column Field and it does not print to the Packing Slip, customize the Packing Slip form and under Columns, make sure that the Print box for that custom field is checked.

This works if Multiple Vendors is not enabled.  For Multiple Vendors, see Enhancement


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