Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mass Update Fails to Reassign Customers by Sales Territory Rules

To determine why customers are not assigned to the appropriate Sales Rep according to Sales Territory rules, perform the following steps:

I. Determine if the employee is still properly tagged as a sales rep. Otherwise, all territory assignments are removed from that employee. To check:

1. Locate and edit the employee record(s) in question.
2. Under Human Resources tab, look for the Sales Rep checkbox or Sales Role dropdown field.

II. Determine if sales territories have at least one sales rep assigned

1. Navigate to Setup > Sales > Sales Territories.
2. Review the # Reps column. A zero (0) means that no sales rep is assigned to it.

III. Verify if there are inactive sales territories that should be active. To check:

1. Navigate to Setup > Sales > Sales Territories > List.
2. Mark the Show Inactives checkbox and re-enable the inactive sales territories as needed.

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