Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pipeline by Sales Rep Detail Report > Add Days Open column > All Results shows 0 even though they have been open for days > 0

Users customize the Reports > Pipeline Analysis > Pipeline by Sales Rep Detail report and add the Days Open the field is showing zero results.

The field specified only generates data if the Pipeline report has a row for Estimates then this can have a value for the Days Open field this is because Estimates can originate from Opportunities. If the row shows data for an Opportunity then the field is blank since an Opportunity cannot originate from another Opportunity.

For example:

Opportunity A = was open for 50 days and Estimate A was created from Opportunity A

Opportunity B = is open for 60 days

Report shows the following days open:

Opportunity A = 0 days

Opportunity B = 0 days

Estimate A = 50 days

Note: Currently filed as Enhancement 122292.

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