Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Query the related records of a Sales Order via ODBC

Refer to the sample query below:

SELECT DISTINCT Administrator.transactions.TRANID 'TRAN ID of the Related Record',
Administrator.TRANSACTION_LINKS.applied_transaction_id 'Related Record Internal ID',
Administrator.TRANSACTION_LINKS.original_transaction_id 'Sales Order Internal ID'
FROM Administrator.transactions, Administrator.TRANSACTION_LINKS
WHERE Administrator.transactions.ENTITY_ID= [CUST_INTERNAL_ID]AND Administrator.TRANSACTION_LINKS.original_transaction_id = [SO_INTERNAL_ID] AND Administrator.TRANSACTION_LINKS.applied_transaction_id = Administrator.transactions.TRANSACTION_ID

[CUST_INTERNAL_ID] - please specify the internal id of the Entity/Customer.

[SO_INTERNAL_ID] - please specify the internal if of the Sales Order record.

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