Monday, January 7, 2019

Read list of transaction records in Apply subtab on the Customer Payment record via SuiteScript

Question: How to read the records on the Apply List on the Customer Payment Record via SutieScript?


The sample code below illustrates how a developer can read through records on the Apply sublist on a Customer Payment Record:

// Load the Customer Payment Record

var custPaymentRec = nlapiLoadRecord('customerpayment', 270);

// Get the line item cound of the apply sublist

var applySublitsCount = custPaymentRec.getLineItemCount('apply');

// Iterate over the Apply sublist

for (var i = 0; i < applySublitsCount; i++) {

   // Get the 'doc' field on the line item on the Apply sublist. This is the internal of the record.

   var recID = custPaymentRec.getLineItemValue('apply', 'doc', i+1)

  // Get the type of the line item

  var lineItemType = custPaymentRec.getLineItemValue('apply', 'type', i+1)

 // Load the record

  if(lineItemType == 'Invoice'){
     var invoiceRecord = nlapiLoadRecord('invoice',recID);
  }else if(lineItemType == 'Journal'){
     var invoiceRecord = nlapiLoadRecord('journalentry',recID);



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