Sunday, January 6, 2019

Resolve Unexpected Error on Vendor Return Authorization with quantity that is more than that of Purchase Order


        Navigate to Transactions> Purchases > Enter Purchase Order

        Save the PurchaseOrder after entering in the transaction line items an inventory item withQty = 1

        Click the Receivebutton

        Save theItem Receipt with Qty = 2 forthe inventory item

        Go back to the PurchaseOrder

        Click the AuthorizeReturn button

        Save the Vendor Return Authorization with Qty = 2

        Error received: "An unexpected error has occurred"



        The error log says that the transaction is not balance.

        Go back to the Purchase Order

        Hit the AuthorizeReturn button

        Enter Qty = 2 for theInventory item

        Hit Recalc before saving the Vendor Return Authorization


        Vendor Return Authorization is saved without any errors

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