Thursday, January 3, 2019

Saved Search To Display Weekly Group of Purchase Order Amount for This Year vs. Last Year

1. Navigate to Lists> Search> Saved Searches> New> Transactions
2. On the Criteria tab> Standard subtab, Add Type is Purchase Order filter
3. On the Results> Columns subtab> add the following:
Fields Summary Type Formula Custom Label Summary Label
  Formula (Text)  Group to_char({trandate},'IW') Week Week
Formula (Numeric)  Sum  Decode(To_char({trandate},'YYYY'),'2011', {amount},'')  Last Year - 2011 Last Year - 2011
Formula (Numeric)  Sum  Decode(To_char({trandate},'YYYY'),'2012', {amount},'')  Last Year - 2012 Last Year - 2012
Formula (Numeric)  Sum sum(NVL(Decode(To_char({trandate},'YYYY'),'2012',{amount},''),0))-sum(NVL(Decode(To_char({trandate},'YYYY'),'2011',{amount},''),0)) Delta (This Year vs. Last Year) Delta (This Year vs. Last Year)

4. Enter Search Title
5. Click Save & Run

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