Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Saved Search > Using Formula Expression CONCAT to Join 2 Fields and Character "&" in Between Gives Error Invalid Expression

When users use CONCAT to join multiple fields, the expression as below is used:

Concat({fieldidAAA}, concat(concat(' ', {fieldidBBB}), concat(' ', {fieldidCCC})))

However, when the said expression is used to join a character, it gives an Invalid Expression.


Sample formula that shows this problem:

Concat({fieldidAAA}, concat(concat(' ', '&'}), concat(' ', {fieldidBBB})))


To resolve, instead of using CONCAT, use double pipe (||).



1. Edit a saved search.

2. Under Results tab add Formula (Text) field with this value:

Formula =  {fieldidAAA} || '&' || {fieldidBBB}

3. Preview or Save & Run.


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