Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Set Default Task Due Date Value other than what is Set by the System

The use case is that the users in a company enter tasks by filling up the Title field only. The Admin needs to be able to set a default future date of a task record other than that of the system date. The due date can be set by following the steps below:

Create a Workflow
1. Navigate to Customization > Scripting Workflows > New
2. Use the following workflow information:
     - Name = Task Due Date (preferred label)
     - Record Type = Task
     - Release Status = "Choose preferred"
     - Enable Logging = T
     - Initiation:On Create = T
     - Initiation:On Update = F
3. Click New State
4. Save as Change Due Date
5. Notice the page returning to the workflow screen
6. Click on Change Due Date State
7. Navigate to Actions tab and click new action
8. Use the following action information below:
     - Type = Set Field Value
     - Trigger On = After Record Submit
     - Event Type = Create
     - Context = User Interface
     - Parameters:Field = Due Date
     - Parameters:Value: Date = "four days from now" (any preferred dates such as future and past can be chosen)
     - Condition:Due Date = Start Date
9. Save

Note: The due date on the task will now change after the task has been saved. This action has been requested under Enhancement 133981.



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