Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Setup Multiple Default Earnings for an Employee

Currently, NetSuite allows a user to select one (1) default Earning:Addition payroll item in the Employee Record. If the user wants multiple Earning:Addition to appear automatically on every paycheck, the setup can be done through the payroll item record.
1.  Navigate to Lists >  Employees >  Payroll Items
2.  Click Edit next to the Earning:Addition payroll item that you want to add
3.  Mark the Based on quantity checkbox, if applicable
4.  Mark the Allow entry from Create Payroll checkbox
5.  Mark the Apply box next to the employee
6.  Enter the rate on the Rate field
7.  Enter 1 on the Default Hours field if Based on quantity checkbox is ticked
8.  Mark the Default checkbox
9.  Click Save
The user needs to repeat the steps above to add other Earning:Addition payroll item.
Important: It is mandatory to check the Allow entry from Create Payroll box otherwise the payroll item will not be automatically included in the employee's paycheck.

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