Saturday, January 12, 2019

Setup > Withholding Tax > Tax Codes > Error: Script Execution Usage Limit Exceeded

When Users navigate to Setup > Withholding Tax > Tax Codes, they get an error message (Notice: SuiteScript Error): Script Execution Usage Limit Exceeded

Currently, the Withholding Tax Bundle can load the Withholding Tax Code page  up to 137 Withholding Tax Code records. If you have created the 138th Withholding Tax Code, you will get the SuiteScript Error.

Users can follow the steps below to access the list of Withholding Tax Codes:

1. Navigate to Lists>Search>Saved Searches>New>Withholding Tax Code.

2. Add any field on the Criteria tab as required.

3. Under the Results tab, additional fields can also be added.

4. Enter a Search Title.

5. Click Save & Run.

Note: Setting Withholding Tax Codes to Inactive will not eliminate the Error.

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