Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Show Purchase Order Number in the Item Fulfillment Packing Slip of an Intercompany Sales Order

1. When packing slip of a fulfillment coming from an Intercompany Sales Order, the Drop Ship Purchase Order Number is not showing.

2. To be able to show the Purchase Order Number in the Packing Slip, follow steps below:

-Navigate to
Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms

-Click Edit/Customize link for the Preferred Packing Slip

-Under the Edit Custom Transaction Form page, click Body tab > click New Field button

-In the New Transaction Body Field page > Applies To tab > check the box
Print on Packing Slip

-Validation & Filtering tab > Default Value field enter

-Enter Label 'PO#' 

-Store Value = No

3. Click Save

4. Fulfill the the Sales Order > click

5. The Intercompany Purchase Order Number shows up in the Packing Slip.

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