Wednesday, January 9, 2019

SuiteCloud IDE > Connecting to a Test Drive Demo (TSTDRV) Account

If using a single account or all accounts are Test Drive Demo Accounts.
1. In the IDE select NetSuite > Environments
2. Modify the URL to:

If using multiple environment accounts (Production, Sandbox, Test Drive, Beta).
1. In the IDE select NetSuite > Environments
2. Click the New button
3. Name: NA1 Test Drive Production
4. URL:
5. Click the OK button

Note: Depending on your account's domain (i.e na1).

To modify an existing project in the IDE to point to the new Test Drive environment.
1. Right click the project in the Explorer
2. Select NetSuite > Change Project Settings
3. Select the appropriate account/role
4. Click the OK button

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