Thursday, January 10, 2019

There are two links for EU Intrastat Report. One of Them Returns an Error:ReferenceError: "getEUNexuses" is not defined. (vatonline.config.js#5)

There are old EU Intrastat scripts that are no longer linked to bundle 14864, which cause another EU Intrastat link to show under Report > VAT/GST. To remove it:

1) Navigate to Setup > Customization > Scripts

2) Go to the bottom of the Report > Bundle field > set it to None

3) Look for the following Script Names:

EC Intrastat Report Assistant (ID:customscript_ec_intrastat_assistant)
EC Intrastat Report Export (ID:customscript_ec_intrastat_report_exp)
EC Intrastat Report Generator(ID:customscript_ec_intrastat_report_gen)
EC Intrastat Save PDF (ID:customscript_ec_intrastat_report_pdf)

4) Edit > More Actions > Delete

5) After deleting the scripts above, clear the browser's cache

6) Log back in to NetSuite, then run the EU Intrastat Report --> Reports > VAT/GST



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