Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Transaction Saved Search to Send an Email Alert when an order was Created from the Customer Center

1. Navigate to Transactions> Management > Saved Searches > New

2. In the New Saved Search Page, click on Transaction

3. In the Saved Transaction Search Page,

    a. Enter name in the Search Title (for example, Alerts for Sales Order Created from Customer Center)

    b. In the Criteria Tab > Standard Subtab, enter the following fields:

       - Type is any of Sales Order

       - Source is any of Customer Center

       - Date Created is on today

       - Main Line=T (yes)

    c. Results Tab > Columns Subtab

       - Add or remove fields depending on what information needs to be included in the email

    d. Email Tab

       - Set Send Email Alerts When Records are Created/Updated=T (checked)


    *Under Specific Recipients Subtab

       - Enter the Entity Name (may be an Employee/Group) for the expected recipient with email address


    *Under Customize Message Subtab

       - In the Introduction Field, type the message "Sales Order for Approval" if user likes to include it in the email alert.

       - Type in the body if user would like a custom message be sent to the recipient instead of the result

4. Save and Run the search and create sample transaction for testing

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