Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Troubleshooting Tips for Reports

Troubleshooting Tips for Reports

What are common causes of Report discrepancies?

1. Date and Period Mismatch

  • A transaction may be posted outside the Posting Period. One Report follows Period Ranges while the other follows Date

             Example: Bill Date=1/1/2013 Posting Period=Feb 2013

User may change their Personal Preferences under Home > Set Preferences > Analytics > Reporting > Report By Period=Never or All Reports to resolve mismatch issue.

2. Report Filters or Search Criteria

  •  This is very common when it comes to report imbalances. When two reports are compared, Filters should also be the same. Once report may be missing an Account or missing an Item on the Filters
  • Reports may be compared to Search Results. Users should consider that a search may pull up results differently.

3. Subsidiary Context in OneWorld Reports

  • This filter on Reports affect the values appearing on the Amount column. This will reflect values in the Base Currency of the Child Subsidiary or in the Parent Subsidiary.

4. Certain Transaction Type/s appear on a specific report as designed. Some reports may be restricted to show values based on a predefined set of Filters designed for its purpose. Please visit individual topic on that Report for more information.

5. Incorrect setup of a Custom Financial Report like incorrect fields pulled up but it serves a different purpose


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