Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Types of Employee Stock Options and Effect on Employee's W-2

There are three kinds of stock options: IncentiveStock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plan Options, and Nonstatutory (alsocalled Nonqualifed) Stock Options.


1. ISO -Ordinary Income

This is reportable for federal income tax, that is,it is included on Form W-2 Box 1 but no tax is withheld from the employee. Itis not reported on the W-2 as a separate amount.


NetSuite Earnings Code - ISO - Ordinary Income


2. EmployeeStock Purchase Plan Options


These are set up as a voluntary deduction. They arenot reported on the W-2.


NetSuite deduction - Misc. After-tax Deduction


3.Nonqualified Stock Option


Federal income tax is withheld. This is reported onW-2 Box 12 Code V. The terms "nonqualified" and "nonstatutory" areinterchangeable.


NetSuite earnings code - Nonqualified stock option



For more current information, please see:

IRS Publication 15b, page 11.



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