Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Unable to find entity on the dropdown with warning of “To find more, enter first letters and click Search."

According to issue 243042 when record exceeds 50 000 or more the pagination dropdown will no longer be available and you will see the warning of "To find more, enter first letters and click Search" at the end of the list.

As an alternate solution:

Use % as wild card when entering search string. (xxx%yyy)

This should trigger a search in a form of `find everything which starts with "xxx" followed by any characters and then followed by "yyy"`.



1. Transactions> Financial> Make Journal entries> On the Name field search for NetSuite University : Serviceblock

Result: No match found.

While entering just 'NetSuite University' doesn't work because of too many results.

As an alternate solution to locate the entity enter:

NetSuite University%serviceblock

The command is to look for NetSuite University followed by word serviceblock.

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