Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Unable to Re-open A Purchase Order Because the Closed Box is Greyed Out.

This is greyed out because there is a journal entry linked to it. To solve the problem, follow the steps below:


1. Open the purchase order that you would like to re-open (view mode)
2. On the specific line item that you need to re-open, click History link
3. Look for the date and time when a change is made for the Bill Variance Status. The New Value should be Journal Posted. Take the latest journal posting date and time.
4. Go to Transactions > Payables > Post Vendor Bill Variances > Status
5. Set the date range to the date you've noted in step# 3
6. Check the Date and Time and look for the exact time noted in step# 3
7. Click the Complete link. Look for the Purchase Order number. Note the journal entry created for the purchase order. You have to void or delete this Journal entry before you can make any changes to the line item.

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