Saturday, January 26, 2019

Update Item Pricing on Customer Record Without Overwriting the Whole Sublist

Business Use Case


User needs to update Pricing for certain line items on the Customer > Financial > Item Pricing Sublist.

Enhancement 175646 has been logged to support the CSV Import update of the Item Pricing Sublist that do not need to overwrite the whole data.

However, due to some changes of some recent upgrades, this can be done when Multi-Currency Customers is enabled under Setup>Company>Enable Features>Company.

Some users do not use this feature but they can temporarily enable this when updating Item Pricing.


1.    Navigate to Setup>Company>Enable Features>Company>set Multi-Currency Customers=T. Click Save.

2.    The CSV File should contain the following columns:

A1        Customer Internal ID

A2        Item Name/Number or just the Internal ID of the Item

A3        Price Level

A4        Unit Price

3.    Navigate to Setup>Import/Export>Import CSV Records.

4.    Set Import Type=Relationships and Record Type=Customers Only

5.    Choose the CSV File.

6.    Click Next.

7.    Set Data Handling=Update.

8.    Click Next.

9.    On the Field Mapping page, map the fields

Customer Internal ID to                       <<< >>>        Customer > Internal ID

Item Name/Number                            <<< >>>        Item Pricing > Item

Price Level                                           <<< >>>        Item Pricing > Price Level

Unit Price                                             <<< >>>        Item Pricing > Unit Price

10.  Click Next. Enter an Import Map Name and click Save & Run.

Verify the results by viewing the Customer record. Click the Financial tab and on the Item Pricing Tab.

11.  Once done with all the updates, the user can now navigate to Setup>Company>Enable Features and uncheck the Multi-Currency Customers box. Click Save.

Important Note:

Users should not edit existing Customer records and add Currencies on the Currencies list. Otherwise, the Multi-Currency Customers will not be disabled.

Users should test this for a Test Customer record to confirm the behavior.



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