Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ability to change the subject of Sales Order confirmation email

Users may customize their Sales Order form for them to be able to change the subject of the order confirmation email. Below are the detailed steps:

1. Navigate to CustomizationForms > Transaction Forms.

2. Edit the preferred Sales Order form.

3. Navigate to Printing Fields tab > Header sub tab.

4. In the Company Name field, mark the Print/Email checkbox.

5. In the Label field, enter the subject to use when emailing orders.

6. Hit Save.

For example, if User enters "Order Confirmation for" in the Label field, the email subject would be: "Order Confirmation for: Sales Order # XXXXX".

Note: Since the change is done on the preferred transaction form, this may impact other emails (aside from confirmation emails) sent from Sales Orders.  Please proceed according to business process.

There are also related Enhancements filed under:
    Enhancements #137955 and #164332 , which requests the ability to customize subject/title of the transaction

Also see the following articles:
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