Saturday, February 23, 2019

Allow a Published Saved Search to be Accessible only through a Link and not within an Existing Tab or Category Page

To have a Published Saved Search not be displayed as a category within a Tab/Parent category (for cases when users want to use the direct link of the Published Saved Search instead ) then follow these steps:

1. Navigate to List > Web Site > Tabs > New > select Presentation Tab

2. Uncheck Display in Web Site.  Set other mandatory fields and Save.

3. Navigate to Lists > Web Site > Published Saved Search > New or edit existing record.  Set the Subcategory of field to the Site Tab created in Step 1 and save. 

Access the Published Saved Search link in this format: Web Store Domain/Tab/Published Saved Search's URL Component (ex:

Note: Published Saved Search URL Component field can be found under the Basic tab of the record.


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