Sunday, February 3, 2019

Contact Saved Search Filtered by Name/ID Provides Inaccurate Results

When using the Name/ID field as a criterion or filter on a contact saved search, take note that this field looks at both the Contact and Company Name information.

For example, if a user wants to see all contacts whose name starts with "ACME" and he used the Name/ID field as his filter (i.e. Name/ID starts with ACME), the following contacts will be included in the results:

First Name Last Name Contact Company
Acme Smith Acme Smith ---
John Doe John Doe ACME Company

If the user intends to only see all contacts whose company starts with "ACME", he must use the Company field as his filter and not Name/ID. On the other hand, if the user only wants to see all contacts whose name (and by 'name' he refers to the Contact field shown in the table above) starts with "ACME", he must use the First Name or Last Name field as his filter.

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