Saturday, February 16, 2019

Create One Paycheck where the Amount for Direct Deposit is Fixed and the Remainder is set as Employer Printed

An employeemay choose to be paid partially via direct deposit and employer printedpaycheck.  This is possible if the amountfor direct deposit is a fixed amount and the remainder ispaid via employer printed paycheck.


Forexample, employee wishes to receive $500.00 through direct deposit and theremainder via employer printed check. 


1.  Navigate to: Lists > Employees >Employees > Select the Employee > Edit > ACH/Direct Deposit


2.  On the existing bank account setup, NetAccount = Blank, Amount = 500.00

     Note: Entering zero (0.00) amount produces employer printed paycheck.


3.  Save, and Update the Payroll Information

--Navigate to Set up > Payroll> Update Payroll Information

--Check Agree box

--Click Commit Updates button


Oncethis is setup, all paychecks for the said employee are partially paid viadirect deposit for $500.00 and the remainder as an Employer Printed check aslong as the Net Amount is more than $500.00. If net pay is less than $500.00, everything goes to direct deposit andnone through Employer Printed.


5.  To print the Employer Printed paychecknavigate to Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms >Paychecks.



1. For NetSuite to allow the record to be saved the account must:

a. be set as Net Account
b. have a value on the Amount field


2.The paycheck will be processed via direct deposit if the bank account isalready Active.


3.Mark the To Be Printed box to ensure that paycheck goes to the printing queue.


4.Effects of entering zero (0.00) instead of leaving Net Account blank are:

a. For employees who have only one bank account, net pay will be paid via anEmployer Printed paycheck.

b. For employees who have multiple direct deposit accounts, net pay will split toDirect Deposit for the account with fixed amounts and Employer Printed for thenet amount of Net Pay.


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