Friday, February 15, 2019

Create a Search That Will Alert a User a List of Lot Numbers That Will About Expire In The (n) Number of Months as of Today’s Date.

The best way to pull up the above information and at the same time create an alert is through creating an Item Saved Search.  Here are the steps that you need to do in creating the Search:

-Navigate to Reports >Saved Searches >All Saved Searches >New

-Select Search Type = Item

-Enter the desired name of the search under the Search Title field

-Navigate to Criteria tab>Standard subtab>Filter column and add the following filters:

a. Is Lot Numbered Item = is true

b. Field: Formula (Numeric) | Formula: case when months_between({inventorynumber.expirationdate}, {today}) < = n then 1 else 0 end | Formula (Numeric) : greater than or equal to | Value: 1

Take note that n in the formula represents the number of months to expiration as of today's date.  Therefore, if you want to show a list of all lots that will expire in less than or equal to 6 months from today's date; replace n with 6.

-Navigate to Results tab>Sort By: Name

-Navigate to Results tab>Columns subtab>Field column and add the following fields:

a. Name

b. Display Name

c. Description

d. Inventory Number Fields…>Number | Custom Label: Lot Number

e. Inventory Number Fields…>Expiration Date | Custom Label: Expiration Date

f. Formula (Text) | Formula: round(months_between({inventorynumber.expirationdate}, {today}))| Custom Label: No. of Months to Expiration

-Under the Email tab>mark the box next to the following fields:

a. Send Emails According to Schedule

b. Summarize Scheduled Emails

-Navigate to Email tab>Specific Recipients subtab>Recipient column: select the recipients that will receive the alert via email.

-Navigate to Email tab>Schedule subtab>Define the recurrence of the email alert.

-Hit Save & Run button


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