Saturday, February 16, 2019

Current Used Quantity is More than the Current Provisioned Quantity on Billing Information Page


Here are the possible scenarios whythe Current Used Quantity becomes higher than the Current ProvisionedQuantity when user navigates to Setup > Company > View BillingInformation:


1. A NetSuite employee has access to the account (validand active email)


2. The account used to have a free Full Accesslicense from the Free Accountant Program (Legacy) which is laterrecalled/removed.

3. The account has downgraded from a higher license package (e.g. 10 FullAccess seats to 5 Full Access seats after a year). In this case, the employeerecords of users who have access to the account cannot be edited until theadministrator brings down the number of access to what they are currentlypaying for.

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