Thursday, February 28, 2019

Custom Field That Sources The Transaction Total Displays a Negative Amount


User creates two custom fields for a custom record type. The first field pulls up the list of transactions and the second sources from the Total of the selected transaction:

  • Transaction (custom)
    Type = List/Record
    List/Record = Transaction
    Store Value = T
  • Amount (custom)
    Type = Currency
    Source List = Transaction
    Source From = Total
    Store Value = F

When a user selects a purchase order from the Transaction field, the Amount shows a negative value.


The sign (negative or positive) of the custom Amount field in this scenario is based on the type of transaction this amount is sourced from.

The following transaction types will render a negative amount:

  • Bill
  • Item Receipt
  • Purchase Order

The following transaction types will render a positive amount:

  • Bill Credit
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Sales Order

Note: If the custom Amount field is to source the transaction Total Amount (instead of Total), the sign of the amounts for the above transaction types will be reversed.

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