Monday, February 4, 2019

Customize signature based on Applied To field

There are times where the customer would like to customize the signature that is being attached to their support email.

One of the ways is to use the field tag of that of the Assigned To field for the signature. By doing so, the name of the sales representative will be reflected as the signature in a format of LastName, FirstName.The said format is based on how the employee name is formatted on the employee list.

If a customer would like to have the signature to be based on the Assigned To field but would like to alter the said format to a format such as that of FirstName LastName he/she could do the following steps:

1) Create a custom CRM field

* Type : Rich Text
* Applies To : Case
* Store Value : checked  

2) Create a Workflow

Basic Information
* Execute as Admin : checked
* Release Status : Released
* Enable Logging : checked

* On Create : checked
* On Update : checked
* Trigger Type : All

State 1
* Transitions
-- To : State 2
-- Transition On : Before Record Submit

State 2
* Set Field Value Action
-- Trigger On : After Record Submit
-- Condition : Assigned : any of : <desired sales rep>
-- Field : <field in step 1>
-- Value > Static Value > Text : <Sales Rep's name on desired format>  

3) Use the field tag of the field created in step 1 for the signature

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