Thursday, February 28, 2019

Customized NetSuite Report Providing a Forecast of Future Billings by Month based on Billing Schedules Assigned to Sales Orders

1.    Navigate to Reports > New Report > Forecast

2.    Enter Report Title

3.    Select the field you want to report on:

Metric = Forecast Amount 

4.    Select the format of the report:

Mark the radio button for Matrix.

5.    Select how you want to subtotal the report:

Component = Entity

Field = Name (Grouped)

6.    Select how you want to summarize data across columns:

Column = Month

7.    Click More Customization button.

8.    Under Edit Columns, add Forecast: Transaction Number.

Set Column Label = Order Number

Click <-Move button to position this column after Entity

Click on Forecast Amount (Weighted) column.

Set Column Label = Amount

9.    Under Filters, add Forecast: Transaction Type equal to Sales Order, Invoice. Done. Add.

10.  Preview/Save.

Note:   This should give you a baseline custom report from which you can further enhance or modify to your business requirements.    Your individual results may vary due to your accounting and financial configuration.

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