Monday, February 4, 2019

Direct Deposit (Net Pay) Status Confirmation

Adirect deposit paycheck, committed on or before the 2-day lead time (2PM PSTcut off), should be available on the employees' bank account no later than the actualcheck date.


Thereceiving bank (employee bank) has the option to deposit the money as early as12:01AM or as late as 11:59PM on the day of the check date.  


Ifthe paycheck is still not deposited to the employees' account a day or twoafter the check date, it is possible that there is something wrong with thebank account information. Direct Deposit ACH reject may be received, but onlyafter 3-5 banking days from the check date.


Shouldthe client and the employee wanted to check the status of the direct depositnet pay, a request can be sent to Ceridian via NetSuite Payroll Support.


The following informationshould be provided:


1.Name of the employee

2.Check Date

3.Bank account details: Name, Routing Number and Account Number

4.Net Pay Amount

These will be needed by Ceridian to provide the Direct Deposit Trace Number, aswell as the contact number of the ACH Department of the employee's bank.


Oncethe numbers are provided, the employee will be the one to coordinate directlywith their bank's ACH Department, and provide the Trace Number to verify thedirect deposit net pay status. This is the case since the bank may ask personalidentifiable information by which NetSuite/Ceridian may not be able to provide.


Ifan ACH Reject was received on the next days, NetSuite Payroll Support willnotify the client via Support Cases. Client needs to pay employee eitherthrough the Write Check option or Reverse and create a new paycheck.


Pleasesee Considerations for Premier Payroll ACH Reject / Return Notification, AnswerId: 39027 for more information.


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