Friday, February 8, 2019

Display the Non-inventory Line Amount Found in Purchase Order in an Item Receipt Search

    1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches> New.

    2. Go to Criteria tab > Standard subtab.  

    3. Select Applied To Transaction Fields... from the Filter dropdown list.

    4. On the Applied To Transaction Filter popup window, select Type and set equal to Purchase Order.

    6. Click Set.

    7. Go to Results tab > Columns sub tab.

    8. Select the Applied To Transaction Fields... from the Field dropdown list.

    9. On the Transaction Field filter popup window, select Amount(Debit) field.

    10. Save & Run.


    • The Can be Fulfilled/Received preference is turned on for the non-inventory item.
    • The non-inventory item is in the Item Receipt.
    • Item field is added as a column on the search.
    • Applied to Transaction : Amount column reveals the entire amount of the purchase order instead of the non-inventory line amount only.





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