Saturday, February 9, 2019

Display Other Current Liability in Budget vs Actual Report

Standard Budget vs Actual Report would only show Ordinary Income and Expense as well as Other Income and Expense type of accounts.

This article shows how to customize the Budget vs Actual so that it will show other account types aside from the ones mentioned above, specifically Other Current Liability accounts.

-Navigate to Reports>Banking/Budgeting>Budget vs Actual
-Click on Customize
-In the Financial Report Builder page, click on Edit Layout
-In the Layout dropdown, select Add Financial Section
-A box for New Section Row will display, click on Create New Section, hit Ok.

-You can assign a Header Label for this Financial Section (for example, Other Current Liability).
-Under the Section tab>Filter dropdown, click on the dropdown and select Account Type and set this to *Other Current Liability (under Description)
-Hit Preview

*The same step applies to other Account Types as well.

Home>Set Preferences>Reporting/Search>Reporting: Report by Period should be set to either "All Reports" or "Financials Only" so that the Budget Amount column would display correctly.



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