Monday, February 25, 2019

Display Saved Search Results in Graph

For saved searches with Output Type set to Graph (found under the Results tab), only the first two fields added in the Results tab are displayed.

The first field serves as the X-axis and the second field is the Y-axis

It is required that the Y-axis is a numeric field.
If both fields added are text fields, the saved search will throw an unexpected error

Note: Similarly, if graphing a Numeric field versus a Text field, the Text field should come first (X-axis).


  1. Still getting the "unexpected error.." on Graph output (for saved search),
    First feild is: text
    Second Feild is: Formula (Numeric)

    Can't figure it out...

  2. does drilldown work when output type is set to Graph? It does work for other output types. I was expecting the same for graph output. But clicking on graph bar doesn't work