Sunday, February 10, 2019

Import new Sales Order and change the Item Unit Price but import still takes the Item Base Price.

Steps to Reproduce:

Import a new Sales Order and use a custom Unit Price for the line items.

Import completes but the items still take the Base Price that is saved on the item record instead of the custom price from the CSV file.


1. Make sure that the Price Level field is showing on the Sales Order form

2. Navigate to Setup> Import/Export> Import CSV Records

3. Set Import type to Transactions

4. Set Record type to Sales Order

5. Select the CSV file

6. Set Data Handling to Add

7. Map the fields

8. Make sure to include the Price Level field under the Sales Order Items folder. Set the Price Level field value to Custom by clicking on the pencil icon.

9. Give the mapping a name and then click on Save and Run


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