Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Item Fulfillments have Dates before Sales Orders


        Prevent users from creating ItemFulfillments whose transaction dates are before their respective Sales Order transaction dates




        There is currently nooption in Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > OrderManagement tab > Fulfillment portlet to Allow/Disallow Fulfillment Date before Sales Order date

        This request has been filedas Enhancement#244882

Alternate Solution:

Toinform users not to enter an Item Fulfillment date before the actual SalesOrder transaction date > create a custom bodyfield for the Item Fulfillment showingthe Sales Order Date.

1.   Navigate to Customization > Lists,Records, & Fields > Transactions Body Fields > New

2.   Set the following field values:

Label = SalesOrder Date

Type = Date

Store Value = False


ItemFulfillment = True

Display tab:

Subtab =Main

Sourcing& Filtering tab:

SourceList = Created From

SourceFrom = Date

3.   Save

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