Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Item Search Displays Current Quantity is Higher than Quantity Sold

1. Navigate to Reports> New Search> Transaction> Click on Create Saved Search button.


2. Rename Search Title.


3. Under Criteria tab and Standard sub tab, set the following Filter and Description:


>> Type is any of Cash Sale, Invoice  

>> Main Line set to No

>> Tax Line set to No

>> Shipping Line set to No

>> Formula (Text) select from the Field =  'Item' then Formula (Text) select is not empty

>> Item Fields… then select 'On Hand' then select On Hand = not empty    


4. Under Criteria tab and Summary sub tab:    


>> Summary Type = Sum

>> Field = Formula (Numeric)

>> Formula = case when MAX({item.quantityonhand})> SUM({quantity}) then 1 else 0 end >> Formula (Numeric) = equal to

>> Value = 1.



5. Under Results tab and Columns sub tab> click Remove All button then Add the following Field and Summary Type:


>> Item | Group

>> Item fields… then select Description | Group

>> Item fields… then select On Hand | Maximum

>> Quantity | Sum


6. Click Save and Run.

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