Friday, February 15, 2019

List of Activity History in Show Activity Link from Customer Record

Based on Issue 147384 the Show Activity window shows the 100 most recent customer activity. Below is the list of activities available based on Administrator log in.

Note: Custom roles should have the record permissions necessary to access the records for the users to be able to see the record types on Customer > Show Activity window.

1. Activity history listed on Support > Cases > View History.
2. Activity history listed on Communication > Activities > View History.
3. Activity history listed on Communication > User Notes > View History.
4. Activity history listed on Communication > Messages > View History.

For Communication > Activities > View History:
1. Only Public events are listed on the Show Activity window based on Answer Id: 25574.
2. Task is sorted based on Due Date.
3. Cases with empty Interactions > Messages show with no time stamp.

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