Saturday, February 2, 2019

Location Quantity on Hand Does Not Match Inventory Reports Due to Transactions Entered Before Multi-Location Inventory Feature Was Enabled

To resolve this:

1. To determine all Pre-MLI transactions:

  • Navigate to Reports > Inventory/Items > Inventory Valuation > Customize Detail
  • Under Filters, add the following:
     - Quantity On Hand folder > Location = (select the location in question)
     - Inventory Item folder > Name = (select name of the inventory item)
  • Preview
  • Expand the Date filter to include the earliest transaction for this item up to the date where MLI was enabled (which you can check in the Enable Features Audit Trail)
  • Refresh
  • Take note of all the transactions dated before MLI was enabled.

These transactions show a location in the GL impact this is why they appear in the report. Location must be blank because it is a pre-MLI transaction.

2. To remove the Location in the GL Impact of the transaction/s:

  • Edit the transaction/s you took note of earlier
  • Assign a location to all line items
  • Save

Since this invoice is a pre-MLI transaction, the location should disappear after save. Once location disappeared, it should correct the quantities in the inventory reports.

Note: All inventory transactions entered prior to enabling the Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) feature and inventory distribution should not show a location on the GL impact. This is the reason why location always disappears when backdating an inventory transaction before MLI was enabled.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam: I believe that cycle counting daily is critical to keep your inventory accurate and solve problems like this:
    Chuck Intrieri