Saturday, February 9, 2019

Map multiple roled user in SSO via Okta

This article is applicable to users who are using Single Sign-on via Okta.

Sometimes there are Netsuite users that have several roles assigned to them and they would like to be mapped for SSO.

We know that some of the required information that needs to be passed to Netsuite when doing SSO are as follows:

 * email
 * password
 * partner ID
 * role

Thus, if a user have multiple roles assigned to him, he would need to specify a role in Okta when doing mapping.

Below are the steps on how to map a user with multiple roles:

1) Create an employee in Netsuite and assign it with multiple roles

  -- make sure that all of the mandatory fields are populated

  -- make sure that the Give Access checkbox is checked

2) In Okta, enable User Management

3) Enter API Credentials

4) Enable the "Push Okta user profile updates to Netsuite" option

5) Go to People > Applications > Assigned Applications > Assign Application

6) Specify the user's email address on the Username field, then hit Save

7) The username and its roles will then be shown, click Save

8) Let the user sign-in to Netsuite via Okta (SSO)

9) Once on the Netsuite page, select a role

   -- this will be the role that is to be used in mapping

10) Go to at least one of the Netsuite dashboards

After doing so, the user should already be mapped with the selected role.

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