Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Pass Value from Suitelet to Suitelet


1. Create and Deploy a client script with the following code (Customization > ScriptingScripts > New > Client):

ID: customscript_lab_client

2. For Suitelet #1, create a form with a button and set the client script and its function to the button (Customization > Scripting Scripts > New > Suitelet):

ID: customscript_lab_suitelet1

3. Retrieve the field value in Suitelet #2 (Customization > ScriptingScripts > New > Suitelet):

ID: customscript_lab_suitelet2

When the button in Suitelet #1 is clicked, the client script attached to it will retrieve the value of the custom field and append it to the URL of Suitelet #2.  When the new window containing Suitelet #2 opens, the parameter can then be retrieved through the query string.

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