Sunday, February 3, 2019

Quantity Available not Populating in Quick View if Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) is Enabled

Quantity Available not populating in QuickView if Multi-Location Inventory or MLI is enabled


For example:


I. Turn on the Multi-Location Inventory feature together with the required features below:

            • Location

            • Inventory

            • Multi-Location Inventory

            • Advanced Shipping

            • Advanced Receiving


II. Make sure that the Quantity Available is included on the QuickView tab of the Inventory Part Form (custom)

            1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms.

            2. Customize/Edit an Inventory Part Form.

            3. Click the QuickView tab.

            4. Notice that Quantity Available is already added by default.


III. Create an Item Search.

            1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

            2. Click Item. Then give it a name (e.g. Sample Item Search)

            3. In the Criteria tab, select Type is Inventory Item

            4. In the Results tab, make sure that the Name field is listed as one of the Results field.

            5. Click Save & Run.


Actual Result:

- QuickView does not show Quantity Available of the inventory item across all locations when you hover to one of the Item Records.



- If the MLI Feature is not yet enabled in a NetSuite Account, the QuickView feature can populate the Quantity Available since it is only stored in a Single Location.


However, once the following features below have been turned on the Quantity Available will not be populated by the QuickView since the data needs to be pulled from the Location Sublist wherein the On Hand Quantities are distributed to Multiple Locations.


Note: Enhancement Request#: 229306 is filed to address this limitation on the QuickView feature if Multi-Location Inventory or MLI is enabled.

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