Friday, February 8, 2019

Revaluate On Hand Serialized Items to change Inventory Value to a higher or lower cost

1.       Navigate to Transactions > Inventory > Adjust Inventory.

2.       Under Primary Information, select the Adjustment Account to track the inventory variance.

3.       On the Adjustments subtab, select the serialized item you want to change.

4.       If you are using Multi-Location Inventory, select the Location where the item is located.

5.       In the Adjust Quantity By field, enter the amount to change the on hand quantity by. The number of serial numbers entered must equal the quantity of the adjustment. (The adjustment should be a negative adjustment). Enter the in-stock serial numbers you want to revaluate. You cannot enter a negative adjustment amount which is greater that the on hand quantity.

If you are using Multi-Location Inventory, the serial numbers must be in stock at the selected location.


o         To choose multiple serial numbered items on transactions, click the Select Multiple link next to the Serial/Lot Numbers field. A popup opens that lists available serial numbers for the item. Click each item in the left pane to add it in the list right pane. When you click Done, all items in the right pane of the popup are added to the transaction.

6.       Click Add to save the adjustment line. 

7.       Click Save when you are finished.

8.       Create a new Inventory Adjustment dated at least a day after the first one and re-enter the Serial Numbers with the new cost.

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