Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sales Order created from Estimate does not have a Tax value on the line-item column.

Scenario: When user creates a Sales Order from the Estimate record, the Tax column is blank even if the Customer has Taxable = T under Financial tab > Tax Information field group on the Customer record and the Item has Tax Schedule under Accounting tab > Tax / Tariff field group on the Item record.


Note: The value on the Sales Order is being pulled up from the Estimate transaction where it is created from. If the Tax field from the source record is hidden, the value will be blank on the Sales Order.


To resolve the problem, follow the steps below:


1.    Navigate to CustomizationForms > Transaction Forms.

2.    Edit the custom Estimate form.

3.    Select Show for Tax under Screen Fields tab > Columns subtab.

4.    Click Save.

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